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Response letter with respect to MDS hearing request

Read Delta’s response to the DOI to the MDS response to its first letter to the Commissioner.

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Narcotic Drug Definition Clarification

Dentists and other prescribers are required by the new state law to utilize the Massachusetts Prescription Awareness Tool (MassPAT) each time a prescription is issued for a Schedule II or III narcotic drug, as defined in Section 1 of Chapter 94c of the Massachusetts General Laws. Some prescribers refer to these Schedule II or III drugs as opioids. No matter how you classify them, you need to know which drugs require MassPAT action.
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Dental Insights

Many patients pay for dental care using credit cards, but credit card processing fees and related transaction fees vary considerably from company to company. How you process your credit cards (i.e., swipe or enter manually) also impacts the related expense. The MDS Dental Practice Committee encourages you to review your credit card processing system annually. Contact your credit card processing vendor to discuss options or speak with your accountant or advisor for recommendations. A difference of one-half percent on the discount rate can have a significant impact on your bottom line, so this annual exercise is well worth the time.
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