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The MDS Advocates for Medical Loss Ratio Transparency

On May 16, President-elect Dr. David Lustbader testified before the Joint Committee on Financial Services about An Act Relative to Medical Loss Ratio for Insurance Corporations. If passed, carriers will be required to file rate changes and medical loss ratios with the Division of Insurance, which would reject plans with excessive premiums or medical loss ratios less than 80%.
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Poll Shows Widespread Concern with Unsupervised Mid-Level Providers

A recent poll commissioned by the MDS revealed that 73% of Massachusetts respondents do not feel comfortable allowing mid-level dental practitioners to perform irreversible procedures (e.g., drilling and extractions) without direct supervision by a dentist. The poll results were featured in Dentistry IQWorcester Business Journal, and The Boston Globe
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Run with the New MDS TeamSmiles at the Color Run

Join us on Sunday, June 11, at 10:00 a.m. for the Color Run at Gillette Stadium! Lace up and run alongside colleagues, dental students, friends, and family. Use code MADENTALS to save 65%! Registration for the Color Run 5K includes a t-shirt, color packet, temporary tattoo, headband, and finisher medal. A team celebration will be held after the event. Brought to you by the MDS Dentist Health & Wellness Committee.
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Dental Insights

All licensed dental professionals (dentist, hygienist, dental assistant) in your office must post a current professional license or a copy of said license. Licences must be posted in an area where they can be observed by the public. If your practice has multiple locations, the professional licenses must be posted in each location.

The MDS Dental Practice Committee encourages all dental offices to do a spot check on license postings. Verify that all licenses are posted and that they are current. This is a common violation cited by the Board of Registration in Dentistry, and one that can easily be avoided by doing a simple annual check.
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