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Beacon Hill Day

Bring your passion, your voice, and your energy to Beacon Hill Day on April 5, 2017! Only you can explain the importance of oral health to our legislators.
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Go Shopping at the MDS Online Store

Looking for a way to show off your MDS pride? Check out our new online store and order some high-quality, custom MDS apparel! Thanks to our partnership with Lands' End, you'll receive a 10% discount.
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Op-Ed: Addressing Access to Care Goes Beyond Midlevel Provider Issue

In an op-ed published in the March 2 Springfield Republican, MDS President-Elect Dr. David Lustbader explains the MDS's newly proposed oral health bill, which is a more comprehensive approach to addressing unmet dental needs in Massachusetts.
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Now Accepting Applications for the MDS Guest Board Member Program

The MDS Guest Board Member Program offers an opportunity for dentists who have typically been underrepresented by the MDS to participate in Board of Trustee discussions and actions. Guest Board Members are able to offer opinions on all discussion topics and can participate in all Board functions.
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Dentaquest Resolves Claim-Processing Issue

Dentaquest, the third-party administrator for MassHealth, has resolved a recent claim-processing issue that may have resulted in denials for some services. It is recommended that MassHealth providers resubmit claims for denials received from December 15, 2016–February 12, 2017, for members not eligible, as some may be eligible for payment. There are no exceptions to the 90-day filing limit.
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Opioid Prescriptions: How Do You Compare?

The Department of Public Health provides information annually to prescribers on how they are prescribing Schedule II and III opioids compared to prescribers within their specialty. Those who prescribed at least one Schedule II and III opioid in 2016 will receive their provider trend notification by March 1, 2017. All MassPAT users will be notified by email; those not registered in MassPAT will be notified by mail.
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Labor Law Posters Update

Did you know that new mandatory changes have been made to the state's Wage and Hours Laws poster for 2017? These include reporting pay, minimum wage, hourly service rate, rights of temporary workers, rights of domestic workers, public works and public construction workers, and domestic violence leave. If your poster doesn't reflect these updates, you are not in compliance.

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Delta Update Antitrust

In our continuing effort to advocate for our members with regard to the Delta Dental of Massachusetts 2017 agreement, the MDS sought the counsel of our legal team, Goulston & Storrs, to clarify the extent to which a dental association such as the MDS can be involved in contracts. Please read the response from Goulston & Storrs, as it specifically explains why the MDS cannot legally advise members on contracts.

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BCBSMA Contract: Action Required

Any questions specific to your individual contract should be directed to your BCBSMA dental networking manager at 800.882.1178, option 4.

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Medicare Part D Prescriber Enrollment Delayed

The CMS has once again delayed enforcement of the Medicare Part D prescriber enrollment requirement. Providers now need to enroll by January 2, 2019. 

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MetLife EFT Policy Change

MetLife told the ADA that dentists can opt-out of EFT reimbursements if they do not have the technology to support it. 

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