2016 - 2017 Foundation Supporters

The 2016-2017 Annual Giving Campaign is under way. This campaign includes Memorial and Tribute Donations.  The annual fund year runs from July 1-June 30. The donor list is published each year in the summer issue of the Journal of the Massachusetts Dental Society, displayed at all MDS Foundation special events, and posted online.

A listing of our generous donors is coming soon!

View the Complete 2015-2016 donors, these individuals contributed to the another successful year of the Foundation increasing access to dental care.

2016-2017 Foundation Donors


Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the MDS Foundation. The following generous donors are helping to expand access-to-care programs.  Their generous support over the years have earned them placement in the Foundation Lifetime Giving levels below.
The donor list encompasses gifts made to the 2016-2017 Annual Fund, which runs from July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2017.

President's Society: Donations of $50,000-$74,999

Dr. Alan K.* & Mrs. Isabelle DerKazarian
Dr. & Mrs. Roderick W. Lewin
Dr. Raymond K. Martin

Founder's Society: Donations of $25,000 - $49,999

Dr. Ronald M. Chaput
Gentle Dental Partners

DerKazarian Society: Donations of $15,000 - $24,999
Named in memory of Dr. Alan K. DerKazarian, who served as the 142nd President of the Massachusetts Dental Society and Past Chair of the MDS Foundation.

Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Boose
Massachusetts Dental Society
North Shore District Dental Society
Southeastern District Dental Society
Dr. Tofigh Raayai

Morton Society: Donations of $10,000 - $14,999
Named for the Massachusetts dentist who performed the first public demonstration of ether as an anesthetic in dental surgery in 1846.

Dr. Randall L. Davis, PC
Dr. Robert A. Faiella
Dr. Charles A. Gagne
Dr. David B. Harte
Dr. Richard & Mrs. Kay LoGuercio
Dr. Robert E. Losert
Dr. Nan E. Niland
Dr. John P. Pietrasik

Salmon Society: Donations of $5,000 - $9,999
Named for the first President of the Massachusetts Dental Society in 1864.

El-Shaddai Dental Associates
Dr. John P. Fisher
Dr. Geraldine Garcia-Rogers
Dr. Milton A. Glicksman
Dr. Ann Kirk
Dr. David Lustbader
Dr. Edward Swiderski
Dr. James N. & Mrs. Mary Thiel
Dr. Tina L. Wang

Friends: Donations of $2,500 - $4,999
Lifeblood Charitable Foundation

Senate Club: Donations of $1,000 - $2,499

Dr. Mark Doherty

Platinum Donors: Donations of $500 - $999

Rosen and Associates, LLC

Gold Donors: Donations of $250 - $499

Dr. Michael Arrigo
Dr. Richard Gillis
Dr. Mary Kreitzer
Dr. Traci Portnoff
Dr. Edwin Thomas
Dr. Howard Zolot

Silver Donors: Donations of $100 - $249

Dr. William Auffinger
Dr. Albert Bachorowski
Dr. Alfred Bongiorno
Dr. John Boss
Dr. Richard Brousseau
Dr. Patricia Brown
Dr. Philip Cabrera
Ms. Carolyn Carpenter
Dr. Michael Cooper
Dr. Chester Douglass
Dr. Garry Feldman Dr. Paul Fitzgerald
Dr. Jonas Gavelis
Dr. Frederick Giarrusso
Dr. Mary Jane Hanlon
Dr. Robert Henkel
Dr. Deborah Himelhoch
Dr. Matthew Horan
Dr. Nabil Ibrahim
Dr. Glenn Jackson
Dr. Miltiades Karamechedis
Dr. John Kellogg
Dr. J. Kohn
Mr. Jeffrey Kristoff
Dr. Richard Luise
Dr. Richard Marchand
Dr. Joanne Marian
Dr. James Maslowski

Dr. James McDonough
Dr. Stephen McKenna
Dr. John McManama
Dr. Janis Moriarty
Dr. William Muldoon
Dr. Sami Nassar
Dr. Lonnie Norris
Dr. Anandi Pratap
Dr. Leonard Radin
Dr. Joseph Reidy
Dr. Andrea Richman
Dr. Paul Roberts
Dr. Steven Rubin
Dr. Nasrin Sadeghi
Dr. Francis Shea
Dr. Stephen Shea
Dr. Michael Sheff
Dr. Michael Shustak
Dr.&Mrs. Michael Swartz
Dr. T. Tacvorian
Dr. Charles Trauring
Dr. Arnold Vetstein
Dr. James Wall
Dr. Yean Wu Young

Supporters: Donations of $5 - $99

Dr. Myron Allukian
Dr. Peter Amorosi
Dr. Charles Black
Dr. Stephen Black
Dr. John Bogis
Dr. James Collins
Dr. Elizabeth Covino
Dr. Roy Davis
Dr. Richard Foley
Dr. David Gelinas
Dr. Andrea Ghenta-Drimbarean
Dr. Francis Grzejka
Dr. Edwin Helitzer
Dr. Joy John
Dr. Kathleen Keating
Dr. Jeffrey Mason
Ms. Nancy Miller
Dr. Donald S. Navarro
Dr. Phuong Nguyen
Mr. Dennis O'Toole
Dr. Adam Polivy
Dr. Thomas Puschak
Dr. Paul Schroeter
Dr. Norman Starosta
Dr. Thomas Trowbridge
Dr. Kathryn Vitiello
Dr. Erin Walsh
Dr. Gary Warrington
Dr. Kevin Well
Dr. Dale Wetmore
Dr. Karl-Martin Wiklund
Dr. Edward Woods
Dr. Kathryn Wych